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100% Nutrition

No ‘nonsense’
OR No compromise

Natural food for a daily diet made
with the finest quality plant-based ingredients.

Guilt Free


Ready-to-eat healthy snack packets
for any time to binge.


Straight from the farm,
a range of products with whole nutrition
for making life healthier.


In The Market

With absolutely no side effects,
a product range that provides holistic health.

With Mirella,

Making life healthier
and as organic as possible.

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About Mirella

Your ultimate destination for healthy gifting and guilt-free snacking. An array of nutrient-packed, vegan,
and gluten-free products. Ethically sourced ingredients and freeze-drying technology ensure
the highest nutrition and safety for all.

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A sugarfree comforting concoction made with naturally dried rose petals and khadisakhar.

Pure rose petals help calm and relax your body.
Anti inflammatory and anti-oxidants rich.
Excellent for bettering skin and body health.
Excellent uplifting mood immediately


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